Time for Wardrobe Planning

I went down the blog rabbit hole and am not sure how I ended up at the Unfancy minimalist fashion blog. Now she might be a very famous blogger and I’m just late to the party! But reading her thought process and how she minimized her wardrobe was very interesting and well-explained. I related immediately to her capsule wardrobe planning spreadsheet and am eager to fill it out. I tried to start wardrobe planning before using the Wardrobe Architect series by Colette Patterns, but I found it asked too many questions upfront. I’m not ready to describe my wardrobe in three words, but I can write down which items of clothing I constantly reach for.

My Baby Steps for Wardrobe Planning/Editing:

  1. Create two boards on Pinterest One for Actual Wardrobe and one for Aspirational Wardrobe. Actual Wardrobe – I will pin what I constantly wear day-to-day, and in Aspirational I will pin items of clothing I love and wish I actually wore day to day. My boards are currently private since I want to suss out what I wear versus what I wish I wore – but I can tell immediately my aspirational wardrobe is full of dresses and ladylike elegant looks, but what I wear a lot is grey, black pants and stripes. So there is a disconnect! And I have to try and reconcile the differences – either by owning up to what I’ll actually wear, or by making an effort to wear more dresses.
  2. Fill out the Capsule Wardrobe Spreadsheet from Unfancy
  3. What sparks joy? Try some of Marie Kondo’s principles. For example, I have many free t-shirts from workouts and runs, which I wear at home since I don’t want to buy clothing for home use. But my mishmashed home wardrobe doesn’t give me joy. Maybe I should step my home wardrobe game up, and recycle some of these shirts since I don’t think anyone would buy them if I gave them to Goodwill!
  4. Stop buying fabric online! I don’t buy much clothing these days, mostly because I can make my own clothing. But I view fabric buying in a different light from clothes shopping, and if there is a fabric sale I am susceptible – but I may not like the fabric once it ships to me. I’m putting a ban on myself to stop opening fabric emails for a few months. Once I finalize my wardrobe gaps, I’ll buy in person and on Blackbird Fabrics only. Blackbird Fabrics is an online shop has a great curated selection and accurate descriptions of fabrics.
  5. Read the Curated Closet – I have it on hold on the library

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