Helmi Tunic Dress Pattern – Part 1

I’m not really a dress wearer as my wardrobe planning is indicating, and though I like loose silhouettes it may be more flattering to have waist definition. So I think/hope the neutral colors and print of my Helmi tunic dress will make it something I will be happy to have in my wardrobe. Good thing I have enough fabric to make a self-fabric tie for more wearing options.

Floral Rayon Matte Jersey | fangaroni.com
Though large-scale, this floral print (labeled from 3.1 Phillip Lim) is not in-your-face.

Using a PDF Pattern

Assembling the PDF pattern was easy; I don’t mind putting together PDF patterns and Named Patterns had many useful features. First off, the entire pattern fit on 36 pages which was great because I have printed out 60+ page patterns. There was a layered PDF option, which meant you could just print out one size and save ink (though I didn’t realize this until I read their instructions afterwards). Their seam allowance is 1cm, which saves fabric.

I assemble PDF patterns by cutting one long end and one short end off, and then glue stick the pages together. I prefer glue stick because otherwise you use too much tape and liquid glue gets gloppy. Just remember to print the PDF at “actual size” not “fit to print.”

Designer Inspiration

On Shopbop.com I discovered what Phillip Lim used the matte rayon jersey fabric on – their Surf Floral dress and top. I must say, I much prefer my use of the fabric. Looking closely they cut out the flowers, removing the white fabric areas, to let underlying fabric show through. The yellow one I think could be a statement piece, but the teal/orange/pink one is pretty out there…

3.1 Phillip Lim Surf Floral Dress + Top, Photos found on Shopbop.com

I paid $27 for the fabric, and the yellow dress is $696… Even though I’m used to buying fabric cheaper, since I’m aiming to buy more selectively (and not just hop on online fabric sales), buying in-store, especially at good stores like Mood Fabrics, is usually more expensive. It’s hard to determine how much my dress costs, since I don’t count my own labor costs. And it is not like I’ve saved $600+ by making this dress, since I wouldn’t have purchased the designer dress in the first place! In the end, my opinion is my version > designer version…

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