Inspiration for Large Scale Floral Fabric

I bought this fabric a while ago (two years ago?) and while I really like this print, I don’t know what to do with it! Part of my wardrobe planning must include: No fabric bought without a plan for it (that fits in with my wardrobe goals)!


It was easy for me to decide how to use a muted large scale floral fabric but I needed some inspiration for how to use a dramatic floral print. Thank goodness for Pinterest, which allowed me to collect images on the web AND link back to give them proper credit!

Pinspiration -
1. Vintage rayon dress from Dear Golden Vintage on Etsy, which has a beautiful curated selection of vintage. Long sold out. I actually have a vintage shirtdress from the 1970s that resembles this, I don’t need another one!
2. Topshop dress from Nordstrom. I think it is very cute, but when would I wear this dress? It is not that versatile, and I rarely wear spaghetti straps.
3. Geoscope Jumpsuit from Anthropologie ($128). I like it, and I don’t mind the cropped bottoms since it means pant legs won’t get in my way. But when does one wear a cropped jumpsuit? Do cropped pants also work for autumn? Will this look weird in-person?
Pinspiration |

4. Jumpsuit by Leith ($79). I love this jumpsuit from Nordstrom. I could make a similar one using my fabric for much less…
5. Mara Hoffman culottes ($265)- I love Mara Hoffman and her printed styles. Culottes are in right now, but are culottes in trend only once every 10 years? These are lovely but these are not for me.
6. Romper – Yumi Kim is a designer with a lot of floral designs, who has some beautiful maxi tank dresses, knee length wrap dresses, rompers (like the romper pictured sold at Saks).

If you are looking for floral inspiration, google “large scale floral dress” to come up with a variety of very nice dresses! Now that I have plenty of ideas to choose from, I will just have to narrow down which style I will most likely wear before I start making!

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