Wardrobe Planning + Me-Made-May

Day 2 of Me-Made-May! I think I will post pattern reviews of the pieces I wear, as opposed to daily selfies. Since it’s only Day 2, I have just worn 2 me-made knit tops (Molly Top from Sew Over It, and the Renfrew Cowl from Sewaholic).

On the wardrobe planning front, I did most of the Un-fancy wardrobe planning worksheet, which I think was a great resource! I am also reading the Curated Closet book, it is well thought-out but has a lot of steps so I may just pick-and-choose parts of the book to implement.

I’m not interested in a capsule wardrobe per se – I’m not sure I understand the arbitrary limit of using only X number of clothes. What I do want is more clarity on what I actually wear + like to wear, so I stop making silhouettes I never wear.


I did a brief word association in the Un-fancy worksheet – I still can’t find the exact words I’m looking for, but I think “drapey” is what I relate most to. If it’s too tight, ill-fitting, or fussy (like need to wear something underneath since it’s semi-sheer), I won’t wear it. Seems like I most often reach for the relaxed, drapey work-appropriate items. The other words in my list are more aspirational – I would like a chic and effortless wardrobe but not sure I’m there yet! I’m going to focus my wardrobe experiment this spring around the word “drapey” and see wear it takes me!

Case in point – I made a romper from McCall’s 6083 a few months ago but let it languish since it was not comfy. I’ve made McCall’s 6083 before, it is a good pattern (now out of print) with over 70 reviews so you know it was popular! The problem is I didn’t order enough fabric (viscose print from here) and so the bodice was not relaxed like my inspiration pic below, it was short and uncomfortable lengthwise. I will have to cut it at the waistband, at the red line below, and add either 2 inches of elastic or a nice trim to add extra length. Then… hopefully I will have turned it into a workable/wearable drapey piece!

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