Mood Fabrics + Named Patterns

You know that old adage that we only wear 20% of our closet? Well that certainly holds true for me. I have so much clothing, but not a whole lot to wear!

I downloaded the Marie Kondo app Konmari in an effort to really hone in on what I love and will often wear, and to get rid (donate or sell) what I never do. Her first step in organizing clothing was to put all your clothes in one place before you start. I knew what would happen if I emptied out my dressers, closet, underbed storage… I would just end up spending hours putting it all back! Maybe I should read her book first…

Baby steps – I have Pinterest boards where I post inspiration for what clothing I like, but I need to actually hone in on what I like and will actually wear. One dress I love is the L’Agence Cameron dress available at Net a porter. A green maxi shirtdress with side slits, it just looks so effortlessly comfy and chic. What I did not love is the price of $545! (It’s on sale in different colors at other online retailers if you can swing the sale price!)

Green silk maxi
Love this look so much! Photo from

I was feeling a little out of sorts today so I went to Mood Fabrics for some pick-me-up. They have an incredible selection of fabrics, 3 stories worth. And everyone that helped me today was so nice! It was so pleasant – I haven’t been in a year or two but it will be my first stop from now on. I used to go to Paron Fabrics on West 39th Street a lot, but they unfortunately closed last year due to rent hikes 🙁

First I found a rayon matte jersey with a large scale floral. It has kind of an sophisticated and clean vibe – an ivory background with a floral that looks like it is made out of lines, and was marked from 3.1 Phillip Lim. But oops that was an unintended purchase since my main goal was to find a fabric to recreate the L’agence dress. Green silk crepe de chine had the same drape I was looking for, and a high level of opacity. After some dithering I bought it! (I only realized after that the inspiration dress was also silk crepe de chine, so no wonder why ).

Fabrics from Mood |
Philip Lim fabric on left, green silk on right, and I threw in my nails since they make it feel like springtime!

I was going to use some patterns I already owned to try and get the look I wanted – perhaps extending the Grainline Archer shirt and adding slits. But I had been browsing Instagram today and saw a tunic I loved, so I went to Named Patterns for the Helmi tunic… and then found almost exactly what I (didn’t know) was looking for!

They have a midi shirt dress pattern with slits! Did they read my mind??? It was kismet!

Reeta sewing pattern by Named Patterns
Reeta Dress Pattern by Named Patterns. Photo from

The model is even wearing mules, the shoes that I’m obsessed with for spring! Now that I have so many things I want to make, must make time to do so! Yay!!